Integra Coatings Limited is an independent London based manufacturer of high performance specialist coatings.

We were founded two decades ago and have a combined experience of over 80 years in researching, developing, testing, manufacturing and delivering high quality sustainable products and services.

Our core expertise is flame retardant paints and fire upgrading coating systems. We also have expertise in anti-graffiti paints, graffiti cleaning products and paint stripping products.

Integra delivers customised fire safety solutions for communal housing environments to local authorities, housing associations and contractors.

Our Mission

Improvement in quality of life for residents

Our reputation for the highest standards of quality and service has helped us gain the trust and confidence of building professionals nationwide and we are the natural partner of choice in the specialist field of building protection.

We have a highly experienced team of individuals who have been at the forefront of the development of fire test standards with the Warrington Fire Research Centre, in conjunction with Governmental Departments.

Our systems are guaranteed for ten years for peace of mind and we pride ourselves in our speed of delivery of product, custom tailored service and technical expertise.

Improvement in quality of life for residents

Quality Driven

Tins are individually inspected and quality assured. Historical records are kept and have helped customers identify their previous colour choices after many years.

Safety and the long term ability to maintain clean surfaces within a constrained budget is our passion and expertise.

Our flagship Titanium system lasts for 10-20 years without the need for redecoration.

Our graffiti removal products are cherished by long term customers.

Quality Driven Quality Driven

We forge long lasting relationships with our clients



We have enjoyed long term cost and time savings whilst ensuring that regulations are met. When regenerating and refurbishing buildings, Swan Housing Association have included Integra Coatings as part of their technical specifications.

Vandalism, graffiti and heavy traffic scuff marks were huge issues taking up a great deal of time with cleaning and maintenance.

Working with Integra for the past twelve years, Swan HA have managed to save both time and money as well as meeting fire regulations, as each block has been specified using nearly all of our various fire upgrading product ranges.

Andy Vass

Pennine Housing

We have saved time and money by using Integra Coatings systems instead of overcoating graffiti. Pennine Housing employ 40 caretakers and cleaners across Halifax.

Traditionally they have used flame retardant paint across their blocks of flats, but when the paint became scuffed or damaged by graffiti, they would need to paint over the walls incurring extra cost.

After trialling the TegraShield Titanium Fire Upgrading Anti Graffiti system, they have been using our systems across their blocks of flats saving significant time and making the caretakers and cleaners more effective in their work.